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she thicc by zodiacorange she thicc :iconzodiacorange:zodiacorange 0 0 WIP snip by zodiacorange WIP snip :iconzodiacorange:zodiacorange 0 0 Jupiter - Jupitoons Network Host by zodiacorange Jupiter - Jupitoons Network Host :iconzodiacorange:zodiacorange 0 0 Determined Starchild Deidre~ by zodiacorange Determined Starchild Deidre~ :iconzodiacorange:zodiacorange 4 0 Elements!AU: Wind Squad Andrea Outfit by zodiacorange Elements!AU: Wind Squad Andrea Outfit :iconzodiacorange:zodiacorange 2 0 (FREE TRIAL) Toshi Tentacle Smut~ by zodiacorange
Mature content
(FREE TRIAL) Toshi Tentacle Smut~ :iconzodiacorange:zodiacorange 2 8
(OP3N COLLAB) If you wanna be my lover~ by zodiacorange (OP3N COLLAB) If you wanna be my lover~ :iconzodiacorange:zodiacorange 2 0 So I found  traced art in my sister's notebook... by zodiacorange So I found traced art in my sister's notebook... :iconzodiacorange:zodiacorange 1 6 The 'EDGY SILVER FOX GIRL' Label by zodiacorange The 'EDGY SILVER FOX GIRL' Label :iconzodiacorange:zodiacorange 0 0 C'EST LA FETE (Collab w/Hachi) by zodiacorange C'EST LA FETE (Collab w/Hachi) :iconzodiacorange:zodiacorange 2 2 Alien Adopts {10 Points Each} by zodiacorange Alien Adopts {10 Points Each} :iconzodiacorange:zodiacorange 0 0 Hesokuri Wars - Nerds Set Veronika by zodiacorange Hesokuri Wars - Nerds Set Veronika :iconzodiacorange:zodiacorange 1 0 Freshmen 16: 'Pears' by zodiacorange Freshmen 16: 'Pears' :iconzodiacorange:zodiacorange 3 3 Freshmen 15: 'Sweet' by zodiacorange Freshmen 15: 'Sweet' :iconzodiacorange:zodiacorange 1 2 Vampire Theo + Bride of Frankenstein Kiara by zodiacorange Vampire Theo + Bride of Frankenstein Kiara :iconzodiacorange:zodiacorange 1 0 Freshmen 14: 'Bollywood' by zodiacorange Freshmen 14: 'Bollywood' :iconzodiacorange:zodiacorange 1 0


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Snake bite
Abbey always hated reptiles. She couldn't stand even the sight of them. That's why she hated her biology class. She failed the unit on frog dissection, even though she knew that frogs were amphibians and not reptiles. Just because it was slimy and green means she wouldn't touch it. She didn't really think it mattered, considering she had passed every other unit.
Around the end of the unit, her teacher brought in a specialist in the field of reptiles and amphibians. That day, he had brought in a snake to let the class hold and such. Abbey was sitting with her normal group of friends, when one of them said
"I dare you to go up and hold it."
"Hell no. Are you crazy?" she replied in anger.
Just as she completed that sentence, the specialist started to speak again.
"Would anyone else like to hold the snake?" he said as the class began to giggle at the unintentional double entendre. One of Abbey's friends grabbed Abbey's arm and rose it up high.
"Ah, there's a volunteer."
Abbey looked bashfu
:iconmister-scary:Mister-Scary 125 25
NuSkin--Snake TF
NuSkin—TF Story
“Mom, I’m back from A.J.’s house!” Mark shouted as he came through the door. He had been gone for a little while, but time flies quite quickly when you are with a friend. He looked at the grandfather clock in his living room and checked the time. It was 8:30 PM. Yikes! he thought to himself. He had been gone for a while, and if his mom ever found out that he had spent fourteen hours of the day at his best friend’s house, then it would be difficult to explain they were both playing video games nearly the entire time.
“Mom!?” Mark called a second time. Maybe she had not heard him? He didn’t know if he was going to wait and accept his impending punishment, or if he should look for her and turn himself in to her himself. This was a problem. He walked over to his pet garter snake’s aquarium. Heh, Cujo, you’re just the same as ever. The old snake and long time buddy of Mark was sleeping in a coil under his fake log, takin
:iconchicken-wannabe:Chicken-Wannabe 141 45



i was fucking scared
cos after a power outage my computer's keyboard didn't work
and i was sad
happy birthday, kim possible!
you're old as fuck :3
Ooh Viscerotonic disabled the comments on her 'edgy silver fox girl' piece. I wonder why.
Took down my 'Real Ashley Ketchum' video...not because I'm blocked by Ashley, but because DeviantReviews aren't my thing
I actually like what I'm doing in MSPaint...

That's a first.
Going to attempt something I've never done before...

also expect a grojband reference in the near future...

yes it is freshmen! related how could I not
Changed the zodiac signs of some of the characters...Deidre's on the Fire Squad
Aaron would probably be the most graceful, even counting Pari's presence on the team lol
meanwhile andrea and penni (on the same fuckin team no less) are tearing each other apart 
then there's calliope trying to get andrea to kiss her
would it or would it not be acceptable to have their "instructors" be:
wind squad
Hay Lin
Raimundo f*cking Pedrosa
fire squad
Ty Lee
Kimiko Tohomiko
earth squad
Cornelia motherf*ckin' Hale
Toph Beifong and/or Clay Bailey
water squad
Katara probably

cue f*cking aaron shouting the lyrics to 'swifter'</small></small></small></small>
I guess you could call Aaron an 
kill me pls
also fuck me for making penni's earth air outfit kinda like hay lin's 
Making a list of the elements the characters mentioned in the birthday statuses have and I realized:
Not counting characters such as Nadia & Pepper, Eva & Samaira, and dead chars such as Miguel, it's even less omfg.
Changing Miguel to a Taurus fuck it
His new b-day is May 5th k
Oops! Forgot Miguel and Eva/Samaira:
Miguel - June 8th - Gemini
Eva and Samaira - April 3rd - Aries' 
Freshmen Trio Birthdays/Zodiacs:
Penni - February 6th - Aquarius
Calliope - April 7th - Aries
Parinaaz - May 24th - Gemini
CGC Birthdays/Zodiacs:
Andrea - Feburary 14th - Aquarius
Deidre - March 2nd - Pisces
Kiara - January 16th - Capricorn
Jessie - April 21st - Taurus
CKTA Birthdays/Zodiacs:
Christopher - August 2nd - Leo
Kyle - June 23rd - Cancer
Theo - March 20th - Pisces
Aaron - October 5th - Libra
Newspaper Girls Birthdays/Zodiacs:
Pepper - January 20th - Aquarius
Nadia - April 10th - Aries
so apparently my tumblr post about a hamilton au where everyone calls lafayette 'laffy taffy' has blown up with 343 notes and i'm just like:

May or may not also be doing a LoliRock oc comic thing
Editing and adding new pages to the Freshmen! Wikia cos I have no life
I didn't get tagged for this, but I wanted to do it anyway SO

Veronika's 8 Facts

1. Her birthday is November 13th, making her the youngest between herself, Erin, Amelia, and May.
2. Though she absolutely hates to admit it, she's an Osomatsu girl.
3. She is Russian, and was raised in America (also the reason why her name is spelled with a 'k').
4. She has a well-paying job at a tsundere maid cafe.
5. When drunk, she tends to sing songs from Broadway musicals (example: 'Helpless' from Hamilton)
6. Her favorite song is 'Everybody (Backstreet's Back)'
7. When she was a sophomore in high school, she was the pitcher for her baseball team.
8. She can sum up her high school years in hairstyles: Pompadour cut (Freshmen year), bob cut (sophomore year), side ponytail (junior year), and braid (senior year)

Erin's 8 Facts

1. Erin's hair is dyed 'Ariel' red. This is because her favorite Disney movie is 'The Little Mermaid'.
2. She works as a double for Hashimoto Nyaa/Nyaa-chan. She is also noted to have 'strong' and/or 'masculine' vocals.
3. She actually has a six-pack, but this goes unnoticed due to her usually wearing a coat or her Nyaa-chan outfit.
4. One of her favorite songs is 'He Said, She Said'.
5. While everyone else gets drunk, Erin is the designated driver.
6. As a Freshman in high school, Erin was on the volleyball team.
7. Erin's real name is Eleanor Denise Matthews. She goes by Erin because she deems 'Eleanor' too fancy.
8. Erin's twin sister is Amelia Matthews, and the two would be almost identical if Erin didn't have a beauty mark under her left eye, while Amelia has one under her right eye.

Amelia's 8 Facts

1. Unlike her sister, Amelia goes by both 'Amelia' and 'Ares'.
2. The reason she goes by 'Ares' is because she and Erin are of the zodiac sign Aries, being born on April 3rd.
3. Amelia actually goes to University in Japan, studying for film and photography.
4. She also has numerous VHS tapes that she shot with the other girls during high school, including recordings of Erin imitating Jackass with either V or May.
5. Her signature colour is gold. (I may have forgotten to mention this, but Veronika and Erin's signature colours are mint green (V) and scarlet red (Erin))
6. One of her favorite scenarios is a horror scenario.
7. She is 100% fluent in French.
8. Her hair is also dyed Ariel red, but she keeps her hair in two pigtails consistently.

May's 8 Facts

1. May was born on May 1st, 1995. Every time May comes around, she surprises everyone by hiding somewhere and when they find her, she sings 'IT'S GONNA BE MAY' at the top of her lungs.
2. She was born in London, England.
3. She is related to both Erin and Ares, being their cousin.
4. She wears opaque sunglasses that 100% cover her eyes, and takes them off in her alone time.
5. She's proud to be a Karamatsu girl.
6. May works at a hairdresser, and is responsible for dying Erin and Ares' hair.
7. May didn't get enrolled into the same high school Erin, Ares, and V went to until their sophomore year. The way she got in was by lying to the head of school about her being unable to see. 
8. May has been blind since birth, and is the 4th blind member of her family, the first being her great-great grandfather who served in WWII.

That's all my OC facts for now! I'm not gonna tag anyone, but you guys can do it if you want to! Tell me what'cha like in the comments!


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I'm Nelly and you've seemed to stumble across my dA page by accident. Hm. Oh, it wasn't an accident? Well, you might cherish your time while you're here. My art is usually out in the open, but for individual pieces (See the Freshmen folder) click on the folders. With that, happy browsing, random user.

I also have a Twitter and a YouTube. My Twitter is AnarchyNRoses and my YouTube is SamuraiFighterChick. I also have a webcomic that I update whenever, the Freshmen!
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